Friday, 23 November 2012

Trend Alert: Equestrian Style

You might have noticed a lot of riding boots, tweed jackets, horse prints, jodhpur style pants and brown, tan bags around on the streets and in magazines recently! It's because the Equestrian Style has taken over as this winter's top trend.
Living in London, being one of the most fashion-conscious cities in the world, you see a lot of new up and coming trends from the street style alone and over the past few months, i've noticed that this Equestrian Style trend is taking over the streets of London.
Personally, i quite like the Equestrian Style Trend.
 I have been horse riding since the age of 4 and i've always loved everything to do with horses.
I think this trend is practical but fashionable at the same time. The trend is practical as the jumpers, jodhpurs, tweed jackets and riding boots all provide warmth and comfort for winter. But this trend is fashionable too, as it provides a preppy, heritage wear look and brings a whole new outlook to typical girly fashion trends.
I have literally seen every 16-25 year old girl in London with one of these two bags in the past 2 months.
Zara - £39.99

Zara - £79.99
Olivia Palermo - with the one of the Zara bags.

Other celebrities wearing 'Riding Boots' from the Equestrian Style Trend.

A Range of Riding Boots available.
Horse Print Jumper
ASOS - £24.50
Horse Print Jumper
House Of Fraser

Preppy Tweed Jacket
House Of Fraser
A recent photoshoot with Leona Lewis which appeared in the November issue of 'Look Magazine', which encorporates the Equestrian Theme.
get up to date with the Equestrian Style Trend and get yourself one of these must have items for this trend.

Chanel Inspired Look

Chanel Inspired Look
The main colours in my wardrobe are black and white as they are the two colours i tend to wear alot. Usually in every outfit i wear if its not all black and white, then there us an element of black, cream or white, which has the general 'Chanel Look' feel to it.
But after seeing the Chanel Little Black Jacket Exhibiton, i was especially inspired to create a 'Chanel Inspired Look' to wear.
So here are some photographs of my Chanel Inspired Look.


Chanel Little Black Jacket Exhibition

Last month, in October, i went to see the 'Chanel Little Black Jacket Exhibition' By Karl Lagerfeld, which was being exhibited at the Saatchi Gallery in Sloane Square.
Saatchi Gallery
Duke of York’s HQ
King’s Road
London, SW3 4RY
Chanel is one of my all time favourite designers, so this was a must for me to go and see.
The exhibition has previously been hosted in Tokyo, New York, Taipei and Hong Kong, the exhibition underlines the creativity yet classic timelessness of Chanel’s creations and of the Little Black Jacket, which is worn in every possible way by socialites, celebs, musicians and models.
The Little Black Jacket is such an iconic Chanel piece, and it brings out each persons personality in every photograph. Whether it is worn with classy pearls, buttoned up, as a cape on Lily Allen, or transformed into something rock and roll, the jacket seems to live through each person.
The Little Black Jacket is so timeless and it appeals to every generation, style and personality. I love Chanel so much and this exhibition proved how creative and thoughtful yet elegant and simple a staple like a black jacket can be.
They were also giving free posters away, which were actual photographs from the exhibition,which I found really exciting! I got 3 free posters, one of Georgia May Jagger, one of Lily Donaldson and one of Astrid Berges-Frisbey, which are all on my bedroom wall at uni!
Georgia May Jagger
Lily Donaldson

Astrid Berges-Frisbey
I really enjoyed this exhibition and highly recommend it to lovers of art, fashion and all things beautiful! It is definitely worth it!

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Papping In London

I'm originally from a place called Lancashire in the North West, and all the reality programmes i watch like Made In Chelsea, Only Way Is Essex, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, X Factor, etc etc, all the people from them always seem to be spotted in London, along with other famous celebrities, and i've always been really jealous of the people that get to see celebrities or famous people regularly who live in London where it's all happening....but now i'm one of those people!!
Since i moved to London, i've seen or met a famous person nearly every week and it's so exciting!
Here are some pics of me "Papping In London"
Me & Amber From Made In Chelsea
At London Fashion Weekend
Me & Cheska From Made In Chelsea
At London Fashion Weekend
Me & Peter Andre
At HMV Oxford Street
Chloe Green
At The Kardashian Kollection Launch
At Westfield'sLondon
Kourtney, Kim & Khloe Kardashian
At The Kardashian Kollection Lauch
At Westfield's London
Me & Jahmene From The X Factor 2012 <3
Me & James Arthur From The X Factor 2012 <3
Me with fashion designers Felder Felder (Daniela and Annette Felder) at London Fashion Week 2013! :)

Me with the lovely Hilary Alexander (British journalist and the Fashion Director of The Daily Telegraph) at London Fashion Weekend, 2013!
Me with the gorgeous Zoe Hardman at London Fashion Weekend 2013!


Hey Guys!
So.... today i was late for uni already, because my tube got delayed, whilst walking to uni, me and my friends Jasmin & Rhianne were talking about the X Factor and how we couldn't believe that James Arthur was in the bottom two as he is just AMAZING and his voice is just heaven!!
Then as we turn the corner onto the road where our uni is, James Arthur was just casually standing there..... i nearly had a heart attack because i got so excited!!!
Anyways heres the pic!
Absolutely LOVE James Arthur and think he's amazingly talented!

Staple Winter Items

We all need some staple winter items to keep us nice and cosy and warm for the coming winter months. 
I have been wearing my black leather jacket almost everyday since i came to London in September.But more recently it's getting SO cold, so i've swapped my leather jacket for my warmer black military/trench coat and fur snood.
My three main winter staple items are below:
My Black Faux Leather Jacket
River Island ~ £65.00
My Black Faux Fur Snood
Primark ~ £6.00
A similar Black Military/Trench Coat to mine
M&S ~ £50.00

Recent Purchases

So, my univeristy building is right on Oxford Street in London, so it's pretty hard not to have a sneak peak in the shops in my lunch break and on the way home from uni.
Since i've been here i've not bought as much as i thought i would have, i've been trying to restrain myself from buying everything i see that i like.
But recently, just before i went home this weekend for my brother's 21st and mums joint birthday party, i needed a new dress for the party so went shopping for a few hours after uni. And these are some of my most recent purchases........

So this is the dress i picked to wear for my the party at home this weekend.
River Island ~ £38.00

I also purchased this dress, as i thought it would be perfect for a dressier occasion.
But i'm yet to wear it!
New Look ~ £34.99

Monday, 19 November 2012

First Post!'s the first post....
Hey Everyone!
So basically i've decided to start a blog, as i've been thinking about doing one for a few months now since i came to London. I'm not too sure how this whole blogging thing works as i have no blogging experience but i'm going to give it a go, it might take me a little while to get used to how everything works though. On my blog, i'm going to be talking about anything that interests me, mainly things to do with fashion, as i am studying Fashion Retail Management at London College Of Fashion. But as i'm living in London now, theres a lot of interesting things that happen here, so anything could come up!