Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Recent Purchases

So, my univeristy building is right on Oxford Street in London, so it's pretty hard not to have a sneak peak in the shops in my lunch break and on the way home from uni.
Since i've been here i've not bought as much as i thought i would have, i've been trying to restrain myself from buying everything i see that i like.
But recently, just before i went home this weekend for my brother's 21st and mums joint birthday party, i needed a new dress for the party so went shopping for a few hours after uni. And these are some of my most recent purchases........

So this is the dress i picked to wear for my the party at home this weekend.
River Island ~ £38.00

I also purchased this dress, as i thought it would be perfect for a dressier occasion.
But i'm yet to wear it!
New Look ~ £34.99

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