Thursday, 13 December 2012

Trend Alert: Polka Dots

So Recently, i've seen more and more polka dots appearing on the high street and on the runway. Even though it's not your typical winter trend, i think it may be leading into the spring trends.
I recently did an essay for university about window displays in London, and whilst doing my primary research in October, this was Selfridges window display, which represented a collaboration with Louis Vuitton and the iconic artist Yayoi Kusama.

These window displays were very eye catching and caught a lot of the publics' attention as they were walking past. One of the first things that came to my mind when i saw this window display was Minnie Mouse.
Even though Minnie Mouse is seen as a child hood thing, it is obviously having a big influence on fashion at the moment.
Many celebrities have been seen recently wearing polka dots, mainly in black and white. As we know, in the 21st Century, celebrities have a massive influence on what the current trends are and what people want to be wearing.
Here are a few celebs in polka dots.....
You can wear or incorporate the polka dot trend in many ways, here are a  few examples....
Blouses, Shorts, Jumpers, Shoes, Hair Ribbons & Bows, Rings and Bags.
Dresses, Satchels, Room Decor, Nails and Eyelashes.
So after all this polka dot craze, i decided to go to Harrods and join in. I went with my mum, as she came down to visit me in London for Christmas.
Me & Mum outside Harrods, London.
 So heres what i got myself at Harrods
 So go and get some polka dots for yourself everyone and join in

Sunday, 9 December 2012

Trend Alert: Chelsea Boots

With heritage chic fast becoming one of the biggest trends this autumn, its no surprise that the style elite have been investing in one of this seasons must-have items: The Chelsea Boot.
Jameela & Fearne
Wearing their Chelsea Boots
Know an investment and buy when you see one thats on trend and will look good with winter clothes! Shop these Topshop beauties now to work the trend!
Topshop - £75
At this time of year, your choice of footwear is more important than in any other season. As the days get shorter, colder and wetter, key considerations for anyone should be comfort, weather resistance and warmth. Boots tick all these boxes effortlessly. But with so many boot options on offer, it can be
difficult to know which way to turn.
Historically, the Chelsea boot was designed as an easy to remove riding boot by Queen Victoria’s shoemaker for the Queen herself. Back then, the most important feature was the ease of which the boots could be removed – hence the signature elasticated side panels and lightweight sole.
If we look at the AW12 runways from Fashion Weeks and collections from high street fashion to designers, the Chelsea Boot continues to remain an extremely popular choice. This season alone, designers such as Grenson, Paul Smith, Jimmy Choo and Ralph Lauren have all featured Chelsea boots in their collections.
Even more recently, collections for SS13 have also featured Chelsea boots prominently, illustrating that the style is versatile enough to transcend the seasons.
The beauty of the Chelsea boot stems from its versatility. Simply put, they are easy to dress up or down. The key is to remain simple with outfit choice and pair the Chelsea’s with uncomplicated, unfussy clothes in subtle, dark colours, avoiding garish colours and patterns.
So, what do you think? Have I managed to convince you to invest in a pair of Chelsea boots this AW12? It looks like they are THE footwear silhouette of the season, with both the industry and fashion press huge advocates of the style.
Well, i'm looking forward to next year as their popularity is only set to grow, so can they be crowned the current ‘King of Boots’? We'll have to wait and see.....