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So, today Friday 15th February 2013, i went to London Fashion Week and it was AMAZING!
Going to London Fashion Week has always been a dream of mine and finally, today, i got to go and see for myself what all the fuss was about. The atmosphere is electric with enthusiastic fashionistas and filled with constant press and media coverage and is just overall a very hectic environment.
I got the chance to work backstage at the Felder Felder catwalk show, which i was SO excited about as i love their collections.
BACKGROUND: The Felder sisters are from Germany “but London is their home”. The twin sisters studied at Central St Martins and then started their own label in 2006.
SIGNATURES: “Modern, sexy, cool.”
TRADEMARK PIECE: “A cool leather jacket with rock'n'roll edge worn over one of our signature printed skater dresses.”
IDEAL CLIENT: “A charismatic woman who is at ease with herself and the world. Age doesn’t matter. A Felder Felder woman is young at heart and she is a little wild too.”
THE COLLECTION: "For AW13, Felder Felder merges the cool effortless attitude of the original Z-Boys with an unexpected sexy elegance.”
CULTURAL INFLUENCES: "Felder Felder takes great inspiration from the world of music and they have collaborated with lots of our favourite acts on the soundtrack for their shows.”
PLANS FOR 2013: "Launch of the Felder Felder online boutique, to go live just before their show at London Fashion Week on February 15th.”
Check out the Felder Felder online boutique at:
This is me with the designers themselves, twins Daniela and Annette Felder.
One thing which i wasn't expecting but that i really commended was that they both came up to all the dressers indiviudally to thank us for our hard work and talk us through each look that we had for our model, just to make sure that we were ok with everything, which i thought was very nice of them to take the time to do.
These are just some pictures taken from throughout the day of general hecticness backstage.


 Once i'd sorted out all the clothing for my model's looks onto her rail, i then was given the task of putting all the goodybags on the front rows of the audience for the catwalk show. Whilst i was doing this, the run-through for the show was happening, with all the music, lights and models strutting their stuff down the catwalk whilst the designers watched on from the end of the runway, so i basically got to watch the show as a little premier, which was great.
Here are some pictures of the catwalk........

Then, it was show time...... All the adrenaline kicked in backstage, first looks had to be on the models, models were being called to the catwalk with last minute hair and make-up touch-ups, and then the music kicked in and the show started. Then i had to be ready for my model to come off the runway and have her next look ready to put on. The models have to be changed within minutes, so its a very fast-paced, hectic time, but its so exciting and fun! I really enjoyed everything about the whole experience backstage.


This was my models lookboard, which i had to follow and study to know exactly what she was wearing and how the finished look was meant to be presented for the catwalk.
These pictures are of Yifan's first and second looks on the catwalk which i dressed her for.

 These are some of my favourite looks from the Felder Felder A/W 13 show........

Another thing i noticed and really loved was the jewellery used for the show. All the jewellery was by the company 'Noudar' ~

THIER STORY: Experience the timeless treasures of Arabian civilization reborn in the exquisite jewellery of Noudar.
Noudar brings into the present the intricate meanings and symbols of Islamic civilization that flourished from the 10th century onward. Indeed, this was the Islamic Renaissance in the arts, architecture, science, and philosophy, which created the very foundation of the modern age.
Noudar invokes this evocative spirit in jewellery, combining the aesthetic splendor of Arabian heritage with its unrivaleded sophistication. As it extends the boundaries of jewelry manufacture, Noudar reconceptualizes what jewellery means for the global Arab man and woman steeped in the rich traditions of the ages.
Here are a few examples of pieces used in the show.......

I thought that all of the pieces were abolutely stunning.
This is a picture of the Felder sisters on the catwalk when their show had finished....
After i'd finished working, i had a walk around London Fashion Week and took a few pictures, so here they are.....
Me at London Fashion Week

A woman at London Fashion Week who i thought looked stunning. Loved her over-sized hat!

Another womans outfit i liked at London Fashion Week
Spotted this guy outside walking around LFW too, i thought he was real for a second, haha.

My Felder Felder GoodyBag!

 My London Fashion Week Pass :)
 Overall it's been an absolutely fantastic day and i've had an amazing time and experience taking part in London Fashion Week!

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